I'm Kelly, Project Management Navigation Expert, founder of Project Management Rebooted.

What am I doing here? And should you care?

Well, great questions!

The Short Answer:

I'm on a journey to bring simple, understandable AND useful project management tools and concepts to those who want and need them (read: to those who don’t have access and boatloads of money for boring, mind-numbing training that usually ends up never being used), infusing authenticity, excellence and humor into the ride.

Regarding the "Should you care?" part?

That's entirely up to you!

The Long Answer:

I’m pretty much like most people.

I wanted to find a way to do what I love on my own terms and not continue running to and fro, from consulting engagement to consulting engagement, a stressed out, overly-serious person who forgot how to play and have fun.

I wanted to share the art and craft of project management with others to empower them to make a difference through their own passion, help people level up into professional and personal excellence, and work with my fellow humans to show them they usually have all the know-how and stuff inside already – they just need some helpful awareness and tools to work with so they can rock their world and jump into being fully themselves in the process.

A lot of my years have been spent learning what works, what doesn’t work and what matters when you’re trying to deliver meaningful projects. Projects like those that make a difference in the way healthcare is delivered to patients, in how people are handled in our court system, or in the way tug boats operate more safely for example. It’s about the people. inside the project and those on the outside.

It's about the human element.

My own project management story involves a lot of failing forward, as I’m fond of calling it.

Making mistakes, thrashing over things I said that I wish I didn't say, disparaging myself inside my head and tormenting myself in private when things didn’t always go the way I had planned for.

My limiting beliefs were in charge.

As well as my Capricorn dark side.

I was allowing these limiting beliefs and negative thinking to make me miserable. I may have looked ok on the outside, but on the inside, I was not ok.


I needed some insight!

And insight I got!

A friend of mine connected me with a personal growth program which helped me take a good look at those limiting beliefs and how they fed into the negative thinking.

How much this kept me from my best self and ultimately my best work.

A year plus of intense introspection coupled with my existing spiritual faith helped me gain what I needed in order to best serve and love others – learning how to love and accept me and my wonderfully complex self.

And ultimately, be able to embark on this journey I’m on.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t struggle with their limiting beliefs or internal dark side beast, buying into crippling self-talk as they make presentations, run meetings, lead teams, manage projects and deal with people and life in general.

Being a great project manager is more than having some awesome tools in your back pocket.

It’s way more than that. Even though awesome tools are really helpful.

It’s about knowing how to manage those limiting beliefs so you can show up as your best self.

I finally realized after a number of years of working with clients and friends, in both the nonprofit and private sector, that there was a unique space for me to share my project management expertise with a spirit of authenticity and heart-felt service.

So, I’ve created this socially conscious business focused on helping nonprofits, small businesses and individuals deliver projects with less stress, greater ease and better outcomes to maximize their impact on the communities they serve.

With deep experience in business and IT project and program management consulting and serving the nonprofit sector, I’m a little hell-bent on bringing a no-nonsense approach and focus on simple, useful, relevant project management concepts and customized tools to optimize project and program delivery within organizations.

Organizations and individuals who are open to trying something new instead of staying stuck in the same old patterns of unorganized projects, late deliverables and unmet grant expectations.


Want to explore the possibilities of partnering with me to realize those project management dreams?

I would love to show you how you can take some of the pain out of project management practices, tools, replace it with some much needed joy, and help you level up into greater excellence and success in your project management world.

This is Project Management Rebooted.

Aligning who you are with what you do.

A little about my experience

  • Long term career in project and program management in Maritime, Aerospace, Oil &  Gas, Nonprofit, Healthcare, Legal, Environment arenas
  • Tried & Tested Project Management Mentor/Coach/Facilitator with demonstrated positive outcomes
  • Consulting & Contracting Business owner/entrepreneur
  • High profile, trusted senior business consultant
  • PMP credential holder and member of PMI
  • Master of Science in Engineering Project Management degree/University of Alaska
  • Positive Psychology Coaching Certificate
  • Insight Seminars Master Class graduate
  • Life Skills facilitator
  • Former Alaskan and commercial fisherwoman
  • Survived 2 decades of amazing living on Kodiak Island, Alaska (think Lost meets Jurassic Park)
  • Maker of a mean lemon curd
  • Capricorn with dark side tendencies



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