Project Management Rebooted™

For Nonprofits & Small-Medium Companies


Open a new door to project management for your organization

Project Management doesn't have to be hard.

 But we've been told it is.

  • Confusing jargon makes it seem complex and burdensome to put into place 
  • Belief that it’s expensive to train staff sufficiently (it's not)
  • Overwhelming terminology and methodology (who needs more anxiety?)
  • Misconception that we don’t have time for it (you do)
  • Not sure about the ROI - return on investment  (it can be huge)
  • Expecting our teams to do projects without the right skills and tools (not fair to your people)

What if it could be simple?

  • Projects being delivered with the desired outcomes, adding value to the customers you serve
  • Tools and templates designed just for your organization, bringing simplicity, consistency, and clarity to your project execution
  • Confident project managers and leaders who are organized and lead with grace and ease

The best investment you can make

-Train your team in essential Project Management tools & concepts

-Customized Project Management Training workshops to meet you wherever you’re at

-Start delivering projects in your organization with less stress, greater ease, and better outcomes

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"Kelly is more than a Project Manager for your team, she delivers a customized set of tools for success!  Kelly’s experience and personal attention to our agency created efficiencies within our teams with new systems and communications strategies.  With our improved tools and strategies developed this created improved quality and consulting services for our customers.  By implementing fundamental PM strategies and personal coaching from Kelly our agency has continued to grow and surpass project goals."

Monica Z.
Director of Training & Technical Assistance

"Kelly Schactler’ s Project Management Course made the very broad expertise of PM accessible and usable for myself and my team. PM theory was presented and backed by actionable skills that we could immediately apply.  This went far beyond my expectations of learning to schedule tasks and have common language. We are more productive and have improved accountability and our project outcomes are emerging successfully!"

Deidre M.
Executive Director

"Kelly’s approach to project management training takes something that can often be nebulous or hard to grasp, and makes it deeply engaging, fun and, above all, actionable. Kelly is exceptional at making abstract concepts come to life through case-based examples that are directly applicable to your organization’s goals and activities. I left Kelly’s training feeling empowered and confident in applying a project management lens to my work to drive efficiency and greater impact. "

Erica B.
Director, Program Advancement

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